Wimmera German Festival participation.

german fest 2Late in 2015 Hahndorf Town Band travelled to Horsham to take part in the Wimmera German Festival.  Leaving at 6am from Hahndorf by bus, kindly driven by two of our members: John Davidson and Neville (who has recently joined us as our Volunteer Librarian) we headed off to Horsham.

This was a new job for Hahndorf Town Band, and we were all quite looking forward  to taking part in this new festival.  Arriving around lunchtime, we had a chance to rest prior to helping set up for our performance.  We performed several brackets of traditional German music, together with a few entertainment pieces, throughout the afternoon and early evening.

The audience were enjoying our music, with much cheering and  audience participation, especially during our "Birdie Dance" and YMCA. Much fun was had by both the audience as well as band members. 

Although it was a long day, the experience and the pleasure of performing to a new audience, was well worth it.

Hymns & Classics 2013

Our Hymns & Classics Concert is now an annual favourite for our supporters.

Here's media footage from our 2013 Concert.