Hahndorf Band Festivals

Hahndorf Band Festival 2008

The Hahndorf Band Festival for 2008 was held on Saturday 10th May

This year’s festival was another great event with beautiful autumn weather complimenting the five (5) band turn out including Salisbury City Band, K & N Sring Gully Brass, Enfield Brass, Mitcham City Band and of course the host band for the day, Hahndorf Town Band.

The street march event was won by K & N Spring Gully Brass, with a $250 cash prize and trophy donated by the District Council of Mt Barker, who supported the event in conjunction with the South Australian Band Association. Salisbury City Band were placed second and Hahndorf Band third. The Hahndorf Town Band donated the Best Drum Major prize which this year was awarded to the Mitcham City Band.

The afternoon’s Entertainment Contest delighted an enthusiastic audience, and performances by all bands made it difficult for adjudicator David Gardiner to select a winner while applying the contest’s handicap system for graded bands.

Results - Hahndorf Band Festival 2008
Band Music Entertainment Handicap Totals
K & N Spring Gully Brass 78 16 0 94
Mitcham City Band 62 16 15 93
Hahndorf Town Band 56 15 15 86
Salisbury City Band 60 17 8 85
Enfield Brass 58 12 15 85

As the winner again of the entertainment section of the contest, K&N took home a $150 Cash prize kindly donated by Keith’s Car Care of Mount Barker, and a $150 meal voucher kindly donated by German Arms Hotel, Hahndorf.

The South Australian Band Association this year introduced perpetual shields to acknowledge winners in both the Street march and Entertainment contest, naming them the “Faehrmann” and “Kuchel” Shields in honour of the contribution of various members of these two families to the Hahndorf Town Band over the last eighty (80) years.

This years festival again concluded with the band’s annual Musikfest which featured the Hahndorf Town Band and a variety of guest artists in an extravaganza of musical entertainment.