Hahndorf Band Festivals

Hahndorf Band Festival 2009

mitcham city brass - hahndorf band festival 2009-1The Hahndorf Band Festival for 2009 was held on Saturday 9th May

The 2009 Hahndorf Band Festival may have been a little short on bands, but what it lacked in numbers it made up for in music. The Hahndorf Town band again hosted the event, and was joined by the Mitcham City Band for the traditional march contest through the Main Street of Hahndorf. The visitors narrowly pipped the Hahndorf Band for the title of best band on the march.

Both bands competed in the afternoon on-stage entertainment contest, with Mitcham again taking top honours. The afternoon presentation featured the amazing sound of a combined 50-plus piece brass band performance of ‘Invercargill’, ‘Ice Castle’ and the popular ‘Breez’n Down Broadway’, which was enthusiastically directed impromptu by SA Band Assoiciation president, Dr Kevin Cameron.


Final adjudicator scores from Jim Dempsey for the day were:

            Street March       Entertainment

Mitcham:       44                     89

Hahndorf:       43                     88